The person who requested services from the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) may request to voluntarily close their child support case by providing the Department with a signed letter. Closing a child support case does not automatically terminate the court ordered child support obligation.

The Department may close a child support case when it meets certain requirements, including but not limited to:

-A current child support order is no longer enforceable and less than $500 in past due child support is owed
-The obligor has died and a levy on the estate can not be enforced
-Paternity can not be established
-The obligor parent's key information (address, employer, assets, etc.) are unknown despite efforts made by the Department
-The obligor parent has no earnings or ability to earn and no assets that can be levied or attached for child support due.
-The obligor lives in a foreign country with no reciprocity
-The case was opened in error.

In most cases, the Department will notify the recipient of services in writing at least 60 days before closing a child support case. The individual can respond to the notice and provide information that will be reviewed and a determination made if the case should close or remain open.

If a custodial parent is receiving public assistance, the DCSS is required by law to continue to enforce the child support, even if the custodial parent no longer wants our services. If the custodial parent stops receiving public assistance (welfare), DCSS is required to collect the past due child support owed to the government that accumulated while the custodial parent and/or the minor child(ren) was on aid.

For more information on closing a child support case, please call 1-866-901-3212.

If you wish for the DCSS to discontinue enforcement of any and all child support owed directly to you as the custodial parent you may choose to print the Voluntary Case Closure Request below and return to the address listed on the form or fax to (650) 366-4711.