Before you can legally be required to pay child support, there must be a legal determination that you are the father of the child in question and that you have a legal responsibility to provide financial support for that child. Only then can an appropriate amount of child support be calculated and a child support order obtained.

If you are or were married to the mother of your child or your name appears on the child’s birth certificate, you are generally presumed to be the father of the child. If you are unsure if you are the father of the child in question, please contact our Department and request a paternity test. For more information about establishing paternity or legal fatherhood, go to our “Establish Paternity” page.  To get information about the legal process to obtain a judgement go to the “Establish a Child Support Order” page. The most important role for a Father during the establishment of a child support order is to frequently communicate with our Department and provide us with your most recent employment information including pay stubs, tax returns, and a complete financial declaration. Additionally, it is important to respond quickly to our requests for information. If you ever have a question about your case during this stage, please call 1-866-901-3212. Finally, if you are legally served with a Summons and Complaint regarding a proposed child support amount, please contact our office immediately to discuss. Failure to contact our office could result in a court ordered judgment for a higher child support obligation.