The San Mateo County Department of Child Support Services welcomes Fathers to our Dad’s Corner! This webpage has been designed for Fathers by Fathers, in an effort to help you better understand the complex topic of child support. Child support is a legal, financial, and moral responsibility. The information provided below can help you better understand the child support process and give you the necessary information Dads need to know as they work in partnership with our office in managing their child support case.

We hope this webpage helps you answer questions that you might have about child support. We encourage you to freely communicate with your our office. Please ask questions and let us know if your employment changes or if you increase your parenting time with your children. We need to be able to keep you informed of changes that may occur on your case. To do this we need you to let us know if you move or change your telephone number.

Thank you for being there for your children!

Photo of young boy standing behind his Dad