The San Mateo County DCSS aggressively enforces all child support obligations within our county. One effective method of assuring that child support is paid is the recording of liens on real property owned by the obligor parent. A real property lien is recorded in all child support cases enforced by the Department. Property liens are a security for any past due child support debt that has accrued as a result of non-payment of the child support obligation.

How the San Mateo County DCSS Creates Liens on Real Property

An Abstract of Support Judgment is a legal document that enables a lien to be placed on any real property the debtor (obligor parent) may own now or in the future. Local child support agencies are required to record an Abstract of Support Judgment on all enforceable child support orders. An Abstract of Support Judgment is recorded in the Recorder's Offices of the appropriate counties. This creates the lien against any real property in the county where the abstract was recorded.

An Abstract of Support Judgment is automatically recorded against the obligor when current child support is ordered, even if the parent owes no arrears (past due support).

Lien Releases

Title companies may request a demand for payout and a release of a lien.  Please include the following client information:

  • Complete Statement of Information
  • Agency Contact Information
  • Transaction Type
  • Title Information
  • Complete copy of all DCSS Recorded documents requiring release

Requests for demand and release of lien should be faxed to San Mateo County DCSS at 650-549-1971.  We ask that you submit requests early as a review may take up to 14 business days to process.  

Please note that a lien release is not processed if the client has an ongoing obligation. In these situations, a case may be reviewed to process a matured installment indicating that arrears have been satisfied; however an ongoing obligation remains due and payable.


Payments mailed in to bring an account current due to a release request must be sent to:

PO Box 989067
West Sacramento CA 95798-9067

or may be brought to our office 

Please ensure that the payment includes the case number and participant number of the party against who the lien is recorded against.  Upon receipt of the payment, A letter will be forwarded to the party requesting the release along with a lien release (or matured installment). It is the responsibility of the requesting party, whether it is the title company or Obligor, to record the release in the county where the original lien was recorded.